Sunday, November 4, 2012

Brimstone and Politics

The demons that you should fear are not holding up signs for freedom or government, nor do they stand with violence and hate upon their lips. War and death are not their calling cards of harrowing their wake; promises of wealth and prosperity grace them. Willingness of the fool and mislead fill the voids behind them, hope as their swords and vile as their speech. They promote their own agenda at the cost of reality, they suspend rules and regulations upon demands and needs of their idealism and its soldiers.
The guise of one or the other is not apart of their guides just more of placement of ideas that march to the same destination. With great intentions leading their words they will shout for the legions that will march behind them, for they are many. With all their eyes open legion will cheer for the falling of innocence, with all their hearts legion will call for pax at the tip of a barrel. With all their souls legion will march willfully with all the cheers of nationalism behind them surrender the very essence of freedom for the better Good and Moral standing of all Americans.
Walls will be built with the costume of right and good flags, trenches cast upon the landscape dividing the free peoples with false hopes helping them to hone their bladed tongues. Enforcing a peace with the will of war and death, law will fade to a distant dream when idealism guides the hands of the masses, life will fetch a cheap price when morality becomes a guide to the existence of communal contractual government. All that is good in this world comes with a price far deeper then what the demons say costs, or what the masses could comprehend when the fire in the soul of a fanatic is lite, reason is lost to the defining power of morality. Freedom comes at the cost of the individual to stand and demand that their voice be heard and beyond that it means to bare upon their soul the meaning of reason of freedom and not to be guided by selfish titles of glory and morality.
The demons we should fear are not mutually exclusive or inclusive; in flags or names given. They mark themselves with the mundane and hide behind the words of morality and disease between the syllables of rights and righteousness.
The demons we should fear applaud the walls that are built, cheer when masters are given titles when loyalty is rewarded more then reason of Law. For Morality must be defined to make a rebel a saint and God a villain, Morality must be defined to give reason for good souls to surrender to the alluring voices of Legion. Morality must be in definite terms for a trigger to be pulled. Morality drives the fanatics flames to the level of not a soldier or zealot but a driven monster where the price of innocence is a small casualty of the pressing of the gilded gates of Utopia to be opened.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Giving history a rightful thought....

Inside great times history is commanded by greatness of a people and by great people, from within the walls of our view port do we misunderstand our place in the timeline.  Do we confuse the optimum decisions for ones that make for a better read of history?  The statement is as such, "Let history be the judge" now to most of us this sounds like a great line from a hero being forcing their will upon the timeline and commanding the very essence of recorded life to change and be magical.  For what is should be seen as, is in fact it is an excuse to explain bad or poor behavior on the part of the actors.  The people who write the history as well as those that are lucky or unlucky enough to get entered in as players in the timeline.  Each person either the writer or the actor will portray their makings as either hero or villain and to show the face of sainthood towards the posterity that will have to sort through the mangled wreckage of truth.

Now this may sound as if history is now nothing more than a wicked and debased retelling to revise what was once real to make it more palatable to modern ears.  To which that historians both ancient and contemporary are not to be trusted.  This willful ignorant path towards our history has be explained to me as a mix bag of really poor reasons to not trust what the past has to tell us.  That somehow our story that we write today could not and is not even remotely similar to what has happened.  Or that we could stop and learn about what was and how that could help further explain and define what we are as a people today.  For the most part history suffers from a lack of PR, the very name strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of most who hear it.  Changing its name is surely out of the question but changing how it is used is not.  Calling something history should be a beginning of study of what, who, where, when and why.  Not simply turning the page and allowing dust and age to allow the lessons learned to fade to a background with no real meaning behind them.  Though it is true, "what is done is done and cannot be undone" it is more a less an opportunity to overcome what has been done and how to change what could be done again.  Taking the evil and wrongs from a story to paint a better light upon perceived heroes and the odd turning villain to martyr usually helps in the healing of pride for nations, but it does no good to hide or to alter what happened.  Changing the details to make the story more appealing fundamentally changes what lessons could be learned or gleaned from the happenings of the past.  Changing facts to make the growth or the posterity of a people seem golden and divine all to hide weakness or past sins only feeds vanity and greed of a people and distorts their collective view of the world around them and proves to them that their thoughts and actions are somehow pure and uncorrupted.  This strange relationship with history and how we view and learn from it are in fact a fundamental function of our society.

We base our laws and decisions on our ancient and current past, we build connections with others through a common history, through connections that where made centuries ago and we allow them to be rebuilt and grow stronger with time.  Hiding fact from the pages of history does us more disservice then allowing a nations or peoples pride be hurt or defamed.  Knowing what was is far better then being fooled into believing devils to be saints and saints to be devils.  Never mind the subjective nature of interpretation, that is no ill, the fault comes in trying to predict the interpretation and attempting to alter what could be learned or understood from the story.  Subjective understanding of fact is not the same as alter fact, true one group can find devils while another would call the same saint.  The altering of fact is the true sin of a high disreputable order it takes away the will of one to actually learn the truth behind who, what, where, when and why.  The subjective mind will see their own reasons for the who, what, where, when, and why while the objective mind will try to learn the actors reason for the who, what, where, when and why.  Morals and happy endings seem to disappear when objective eyes are place upon the timeline, but what was lost in happy endings and wonderful sounding morals we gain in actual knowledge of human behavior and how to overcome the common obstacles that crowd the human space and cause fault within our systems.

History is the story of us and where we came from ignoring it and not giving it a real place in our lives distorts what we do and taints our actions with a sad tinge of ignorance.  There are so many wonderful symbols that adorn us as well as our buildings and we take them for granted never truly knowing how our thick roots started first as a sapling.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Gold and Glory

With new debates igniting new passions, songs and discourse pledging dreams and promises of a future with glory lined with a border of gold. With this season where in this democracy we drawn lines between ourselves to show friend in thought from within the chaos. Binding together hands in partnership with either the selective past to guide them or marching to a steady beat of the drummer boy with a manifesto held above them. Each yelling towards the other, each claiming righteousness with God or inside decaying inked lines. Each quick to blame, each quick to boast its authority as absolute. Inside the noise of men speaking with generalities seeming to promise the world, promise glory and gold with out knowing or without desire to achieve either. Or worse...
With words of dripping with the honey and nectar of the gods. Worms of men often speak the loudest when given the opportunity. We have developed a nasty little habit that we collective have come to enjoy secretly...
We mark the boxes next to names based upon unfounded reasons of promises of glory and gold. When the so named fail to produce promised bounties, we pout, moan, complain that someone has to fix the system. We have fallen in love, we have dark fantasies of wanting and hoping for the stated glory and gold to fall from sky as if divine love should pour from the heavens...
Over two hundred years and some of those years came with glory and others with gold. Apathy has taken the place of rolled up sleeves and sloth has replaced sanctity. Loyalty to images of poorly drawn mammals lead the discussions and lead the hearts of so many to claim righteousness. Now we expect the glory and gold to fill the empty vaults of our souls.
Secretly I wait for the ghosts of the Blues and Greens from centuries buried to come to us and show us how to riot...Nike!
To those that speak for the sounds of God I ask that you truly see freedom as the basis of any true understanding of any knowledge. Freedom is not defined by you, freedom is beyond papers, beyond courts, police and wars. Freedom of thought must be, for truth if forced into the hands and bodies of others is no more then tyranny. Rule under the auspices of theocracy, we will learn that there will be no end to the tyranny that would rain from the hands of the “righteous”.
To those that speak idealism of individualized freedom being above all the most important. With actions and fervor that rival that of religious zealots your actions would lead to tyranny no different than that of a theocratic totalitarian regime. Your prophets speak to claim total freedom of one the freedom of another is and must be willingly sacrificed. You speak of freedom but only as defined by your own hands and how it would be applied is questionable. World free from not a world with freedom.
Freedom to be is no more than that. Defining ones self against the backdrop of society is every ones personal journey. Searching for that metaphorical spot in which all us must fit is a nice ethos to help us cope with the disturbing unfairness of mother nature and human kind.
Be not weak...things may be good. They must be better... (Saxon)

We have an opportunity coming soon to us. Soon we will have the noise calmed and the torrents of oceans of opinions will be stilled for one day. On that day think of glory and gold, think of what and how it was promised to you. By which price it will demand. Gold and glory do not come from idle hands only asked to move once every four years to define the destiny of a country. Blues and Greens once rioted and held an empire hostage. They demanded gold and glory, they failed when glory and gold was a price to steep to pay their greed guided them to fools and follies. They asked for accountability from a Emperor almost a thousands years after the Brutus. It was too late. When do we begin to ask for our leaders to represent us. A thousand years when our Republic has turned from its founding as a place of freedom to theocratic, totalitarian, failure. Will we end up as the Blues and Greens? Slaughtered by the thousands, humbled with a new respect for the chains that encircled them completely. They bowed at the Emperors feet. But for four days an Empire stood free from Emperor.
Think to which you ask your fellows to stand and be counted for you in the halls of our government. Do they to their own whims serve? Do they to their own ideals be slaves?

My voice will not be silent, nor will I be silenced by sword or cell, threats or chains the choice to be, is all that freedom can afford.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hiding your meaning

It has come to my attention that people in this country have found a new passion of hiding the truth behind words of comfort. I understand the desire to do such a thing, to hide the ugly and strange behind nice well meaning sentiment or to hide behind the shield of religious rights to protect the willfully ignorant from reality.
Not being a person of political desire or aspirations I tend to look at the arguments of any political centered person with observation and understanding as my goal. I try to not be persuaded by argument but instead watch them circle the conversation and push fact or fiction into their realm of thought. While doing this attempt to push lies and deceit towards their opposition.
When I was young and learning about life and work, I had an interview with a company I endeavored for over a year to get a job with. The firm was impressed with my resume they enjoy talking with me but as the hard question came down I had some interesting ways to cover up some of my previous failings. I had a terrible experience with a previous employer, to hide my shame of my mistakes I pushed and emphasized the employers failings in an attempt to bolster the illusion of me. To his credit the older man listened to me and when I finished my tail of woe, he calmly move the interview on. At the end he said he would love to have me join their company save for one reason.

“When a person speaks ill, they speak as if to hide.”

I knew then I would not be joining this company nor would I ever be able to. His words have guided me to understand reality as it is not what some person said it was or should be. The man knew my shame even though I attempted to hide it, he knew I was injured from the past and needed to learn from it. He let me down softly and let me leave with my head held high. The next interview I had I spoke the truth about that previous employer and I received the job. His lesson couldn't have been more clear, honesty was not the reason I gained the job it was the fact that I spoke honest to reality not what I wanted reality to be.
How does this lovely little story apply to politics? How does this mean anything? It does not change the laws on abortion, it will not change the economics of this country? So why does this mean anything if it does not do anything?
It does and this is how:
When approach by one presenting information, ask what this person will gain from presenting said information to you? When answered you will learn what type of taint the person will have in presenting said information.
This allows you to see what is trying to be sold to you.
I do not care if you claim elephant or donkey nor do I really need to know, but to hid meaning with confusing talking points that mean nothing and give nice clean answers without taking a real stand is a sign of weakness and the pointlessness of your ability to freely think. You deserve to be slaved to idealism and suffer from the addiction of partisan behavior.