Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hiding your meaning

It has come to my attention that people in this country have found a new passion of hiding the truth behind words of comfort. I understand the desire to do such a thing, to hide the ugly and strange behind nice well meaning sentiment or to hide behind the shield of religious rights to protect the willfully ignorant from reality.
Not being a person of political desire or aspirations I tend to look at the arguments of any political centered person with observation and understanding as my goal. I try to not be persuaded by argument but instead watch them circle the conversation and push fact or fiction into their realm of thought. While doing this attempt to push lies and deceit towards their opposition.
When I was young and learning about life and work, I had an interview with a company I endeavored for over a year to get a job with. The firm was impressed with my resume they enjoy talking with me but as the hard question came down I had some interesting ways to cover up some of my previous failings. I had a terrible experience with a previous employer, to hide my shame of my mistakes I pushed and emphasized the employers failings in an attempt to bolster the illusion of me. To his credit the older man listened to me and when I finished my tail of woe, he calmly move the interview on. At the end he said he would love to have me join their company save for one reason.

“When a person speaks ill, they speak as if to hide.”

I knew then I would not be joining this company nor would I ever be able to. His words have guided me to understand reality as it is not what some person said it was or should be. The man knew my shame even though I attempted to hide it, he knew I was injured from the past and needed to learn from it. He let me down softly and let me leave with my head held high. The next interview I had I spoke the truth about that previous employer and I received the job. His lesson couldn't have been more clear, honesty was not the reason I gained the job it was the fact that I spoke honest to reality not what I wanted reality to be.
How does this lovely little story apply to politics? How does this mean anything? It does not change the laws on abortion, it will not change the economics of this country? So why does this mean anything if it does not do anything?
It does and this is how:
When approach by one presenting information, ask what this person will gain from presenting said information to you? When answered you will learn what type of taint the person will have in presenting said information.
This allows you to see what is trying to be sold to you.
I do not care if you claim elephant or donkey nor do I really need to know, but to hid meaning with confusing talking points that mean nothing and give nice clean answers without taking a real stand is a sign of weakness and the pointlessness of your ability to freely think. You deserve to be slaved to idealism and suffer from the addiction of partisan behavior.

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