Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stone Carver continued

  With the task near completion his hands moved with a methodically grace. Only small pieces remained still and only with tools sharpen and honed to deadly edge could work continue. Through true in form the tastes of reality lingered hidden behind the smallest layers of rock.
Once a rough hewn block in itself perfection alone untouched. With biting steel and the passing of blue skies to steepened dark of nights. Did a figure emerge not freed from the shackles of natures grace. No longer the imposing sign of majesty with edges true and skin harden and rough from the quarry. Now it stands smoothed as a rivers stone, curves that do mock reality. Not from a distance could life be confused for its grace of stillness and action.
The chisels and tools lay quietly in soft pockets of wood on a myriad of work benches, ladders and stools. Crisp light of morning sun creeps across the work room pointed to a wedge like a dreadnaught pushing back the water from its bow. The dreadnaught moves steadily unflinching in its goal to pass the suns grace of light upon the figure of stillness standing in the molested remains of its shell.
As the blazing chariot of Apollo pulls endlessly at the sinuous tethers of the Helios, its light seem muted anywhere it fell outside of the craftsmen workroom. The figure in its stillness wore the cloak of light around its body, causing the stone to breath with movement of the timeless day's passing. Shadows artfully planned, curves divinely dashed upon stone. With only the tide of light as its retreat, the dreadnaught moved back across the floor to reside in that place outside workroom's windows. The life faded from the face of the figure, the cloak of Helios pulled back into the distance by the draw of astral steeds plowing the furrows of the ethereal pulling the sun into another day.
The figure stands in stillness with a scent of perfection around it staring into the window from which the bow of the dreadnaught came pushing back the shadows leading the charge for Helios to lay its cloak upon the statue once more.