Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Radio Speaks (the Fair of Imbalanced thought)

Merchants of Ignorance

In long hours of the day, does one have time to ponder the significance of their being? In times of artificial solace to we pretend to do so. The markings of weakness, and of damnable aspirations cover our faces and blend into our skin, the tale tell signs of interference of a natural calling. The blending of thought and action, our hands slip into our back pockets and draw out the very meaning of our souls, and pay for the trinkets and pictures of beauty sold to us in fast lanes of stores. Express lane for the moments and memories that should mean something. Surrendering to ease of construction then to the ease of existence, the light of understanding, the blinding of the night, the desperation of an entire peoples call out to the starless sky. No longer the curious, the night sky lies blank and truly absent. The questions of life and the meaning of breathing no longer an aspect to intelligence or to true conversation. The gaping maw of ignorance claims more and more of us.
The collective cry of the people is to hide what is great and destroy that which is to confusing to understand. Try not, and do not, for thy lot in life is to only do, not to question why. The merchants of ignorance call to us, our hands quietly slip into our back pockets and we do obey. They sell us the ideas to believe in, from their high seats and high places these merchants profess to us that they and they alone know how to save us, and it is up to us to help them. The calling has come. They continue, that they should not be challenged, that in their words and works do they know what is to come, and what is to come without their leadership or calling, is the destruction of our way of life. Either to march in battle to live the life of a warrior, “ours is not to say or do ours is just to do and die” The battle cry of so many weakened souls. Do they stand and fight for the beliefs of those that have transplanted emotions and so called truths into their minds, or do they fight for their fellows that stand behind and shake in fear at the sight of such an enemy that claims all the will to fight.
To listen the merchants of ignorance is to surrender your thought and lives to them. To stand on their principles of action-less thought. “...just do and die.” Is what they ask of you, to call to the stands of control and ask to take back what was once theirs. The liable of life and blood rests upon them that stand for freedom of the few over the freedom of all. For the merchants speak to freedom as ally and friend. For thy beg for its protection when they stand trail for so many falsehoods, as they stand to remove it from their enemies as it suits them. These merchants know no line to cross that they cannot change for their betterment, and call it for our better good.
To take action against the merchants of ignorance is to stand against the will of so many, so many people converted to the strength of being weak. For if it not be known, for it shall never be known. Is their battle cry hidden behind so many other words. Freedom for us, and none for you. Once known what they speak is the fear of so many people that have been tared and feathered in the past.
The ideals of the ignorant call for the disestablishment of all and potential gain of knowledge. The boundaries of human knowledge have already been met and further explanation will disrupt the natural order of world. Do not look to the sky for the answers that could claim our world in a ball of friary death. But look to the wise men that come to lead us, with their guidance do we stand absolute against the friary darts of the adversary. The battle cry of the dumb, and weak.. The stance of one could force its way into the eyes and ears of all.
I call for the merchants of ignorance to stand in open and proclaim their falsehoods so they can be seen as the false prophets. Their words meld into ones of patriotism and racism, ones with acceptance and hate. Words and workings that will undo the very human fabric that connect us. They stand to gain from the fight that we will ensue on their behalf, and when the fates do eventually turn against them. They will be gone, with the hard work and zeal that produced them being nothing but shadows of their former glory echoing silently in the air.
As they stand now, almost untouchable. With their quiet army mobilizing for them, their perceived monopoly on free thought is guiding them. That is their greatest weakness, their inability to love thy neighbor, in this weakness they claim the guiding hand of divinity, to that end they break all rules of moral and good standing. Their perceived weaknesses of the collective us, painted up in broad stripes of dreadful colors. They stand counting our heads, marking us with the mark of enemy or friend. Classifying us as victor or defeated before the battles have even started. The weakest of us to go first, into field of battle to be swallowed up by the demons of fanaticism. There from our perches do we get to see and enjoy the mess that we caused, our collective weakness on display for our enjoyment. The battle for our freedom is at hand. It does not lie with those whose disembodied voice crawl through the annals of our air to claim themselves holy and right in this war. Victory lies with the individual speaking not being sold to the highest bidder of thoughts and ideas. But maybe the hope the individual becoming the great machine that could save the free, and not become yet another slave to the merchants of ignorance might just be a dream. For the individual could just be weak and without any strength of thought is no more then a injured fawn ripe for the taking. Be wary of the merchants, be wary of the ideals that speak to all meaningful ideas and have no real actionable method of reality.