Sunday, November 4, 2012

Brimstone and Politics

The demons that you should fear are not holding up signs for freedom or government, nor do they stand with violence and hate upon their lips. War and death are not their calling cards of harrowing their wake; promises of wealth and prosperity grace them. Willingness of the fool and mislead fill the voids behind them, hope as their swords and vile as their speech. They promote their own agenda at the cost of reality, they suspend rules and regulations upon demands and needs of their idealism and its soldiers.
The guise of one or the other is not apart of their guides just more of placement of ideas that march to the same destination. With great intentions leading their words they will shout for the legions that will march behind them, for they are many. With all their eyes open legion will cheer for the falling of innocence, with all their hearts legion will call for pax at the tip of a barrel. With all their souls legion will march willfully with all the cheers of nationalism behind them surrender the very essence of freedom for the better Good and Moral standing of all Americans.
Walls will be built with the costume of right and good flags, trenches cast upon the landscape dividing the free peoples with false hopes helping them to hone their bladed tongues. Enforcing a peace with the will of war and death, law will fade to a distant dream when idealism guides the hands of the masses, life will fetch a cheap price when morality becomes a guide to the existence of communal contractual government. All that is good in this world comes with a price far deeper then what the demons say costs, or what the masses could comprehend when the fire in the soul of a fanatic is lite, reason is lost to the defining power of morality. Freedom comes at the cost of the individual to stand and demand that their voice be heard and beyond that it means to bare upon their soul the meaning of reason of freedom and not to be guided by selfish titles of glory and morality.
The demons we should fear are not mutually exclusive or inclusive; in flags or names given. They mark themselves with the mundane and hide behind the words of morality and disease between the syllables of rights and righteousness.
The demons we should fear applaud the walls that are built, cheer when masters are given titles when loyalty is rewarded more then reason of Law. For Morality must be defined to make a rebel a saint and God a villain, Morality must be defined to give reason for good souls to surrender to the alluring voices of Legion. Morality must be in definite terms for a trigger to be pulled. Morality drives the fanatics flames to the level of not a soldier or zealot but a driven monster where the price of innocence is a small casualty of the pressing of the gilded gates of Utopia to be opened.

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  1. America, America

    O beautiful for spacious skys......
    Shooting bullets and dropping bombs
    Waving flags and singing songs
    Freedom spread with a gun to your head
    Bleed red white and blue or its bullets for you too

    Salute the flag while you cast your vote
    Turn around and they slit your throat
    Medicate the sheep
    Don't wake them from their sleep
    Safety at a price, who will be the sacrifice

    Divided we stand
    As the empire falls
    Confess your sins
    As this begins

    Devastate and dominate
    The lives of the innocent have no weight
    Robots in the sky, no place to hide
    Justice denied while our children die
    With a license to kill, there is no appeal

    Pay your taxes and serve your masters
    Finance war and greed
    Watch the world bleed
    Like sheep to the slaughter
    You worship at their alter

    Divided we stand
    Confess your sins
    Let it begin

    Your freedom is an illusion
    Speak your mind and absorb the confusion
    Distract the masses with heroic action
    Offer your solutions and start this revolution
    Like a wolf to guard the sheep, nothing's what it seems

    So as airplanes from the sky, so go our lives
    America, America
    You have died......