Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Convenience of Thought..

Ever since humanity had collectively been able to think beyond the realms in which they stood. Their minds pushed the envelope of the societal and physical walls of the world around us. At some points in the past the envelope broke and peeled past the point of repair allowing the societies that would surpass the ones that dare think beyond their station a little advantage for the next attempt to cross the vast abyss of ignorance in the journey for knowledge.
In our society today when spend twelve plus years in some type of schooling in an attempt to the learn what was already open and understood to be. This serves not only as a basic function of pushing the average intellect up, it puts the individual on a higher platform of functionality then what was previously possible.
Where there was ignorance, there was darkness. The basic functions of the natural world around us seem basic and well understood and they are.
It is here that we stand to loose again. Where we have struggle to show light and bring forth great understandings, we also shudder in fear and drown in supposition about what it could be and what else could be meant.
Once the envelop has been pushed, once knowledge escapes from the boundaries of what is known, it is impossible to return to the lesser state of ignorance. Only with the death and destruction of civilizations has the veil of blissful ignorance has recovered our eyes.
I fear that we know attempt to do pull back what has been uncovered. We cover our ears when knowledge is presented to us, finding the colors of a moving picture far more worthy of our attention. We silence our thoughts with the thoughtless prattle of pretty faces. We sigh on command and laugh when prompted. When the bell stops ringing do we sit silently with the absence of thought to accompany us in the plastic injected world we fought and bled for?
Does the scholar know that when the walls of the fortress begin to shake under the fire of the enemy, that the scholar is the goal of the enemies hands and not the soldier or king.
When what was not know becomes a part of our knowledge and is pushed from its darkness and given a place in the library of human achievement, rarely is it what we want to know or want to believe what is. More often then not, when new discoveries push back that darkened veil it comes at the cost of what we desire the nature and how the universe should be as a matter of convenience. In some cases the eyes are purposefully stitched back shut when such advancements are made, for it does not fit into what is desired to be real and meaningful. In other cases knowledge is purposefully destroyed for a matter of purity, mainly human purity.
With thick fingers and lazy arms we are quick to hold up signs claim perfections that stand weak in the wind. With loud voices we shout praises into the air for those that lay in earth for us to stare into flags floating with the wind, with what mind and soul do we stand and become great? We show more interest with the shapes of two animals and how their leaders sing their own praise from the windows of every growing ivory towers. The horizon of knowledge and greatness keeps moving further from us and we sit claiming greatness on laurels that rot.
The convenience of thought...


  1. Interesting point of view. Not that I'm disagreeing with you. Society has def stanrdards and if we do not fall into those basic acceptable laws and rules we are considered misfits or even bad people. ( I fit in that catagory. Misfit.) Oh by the way Bible Girl says hi!

  2. It can be hard to see the truth, but it's great reading posts like this and remembering to embrace "what is" rather than running from it.

    -Bible Girl

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